Gudrun - The Feminist

Hampus Linder   |   90 min   |   Sweden

Original title: Gudrun - Konsten att vara människa

Gudrun – The Feminist

Gudrun Schyman is one of the most influential Swedish political per-sonalities in modern times, a hero for some and a pariah for others. In the film we follow Gudrun during 2014–2018 through home parties, parliamentary elections, gardening with her daughter, visits to refugee camps at Lesvos and political work in Brussels. The day-to-day images are mixed with flashbacks to Gudrun’s career early years of politically activism in the 1960 ́s leading up to her position as the party leader of the left wing party. The film is an intimate personal portrait of an equally principled and multifaceted political thinker; a mother, daughter, wife, woman, human and feminist.

Foto: Nordic Factory| Text: Josef Kullengård

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Year: 2018
Language: swedish
27/8 15.30
Biostaden salong 3
Director: Hampus Linder
Producer: Helene Granqvist