The Manslayer / The Virgin / The Shadow

Sulev Keedus   |   141 min   |   Estonia

Original title: Mehetapja / Süütu / Vari

Nordic premiere

The Manslayer / The Virgin / The Shadow

Three women separated by time and space, but joined by a parallel fate. Maara is forced into a marriage against her will in the 19th century Estonia. 150 years later, Elina has to choose between a forced marria-ge or deportation. Set in our contemporary time we meet Luna Lee, who has just escaped from home to get away from the chaotic modern life in search of a deeper meaning. With surrealism and historical facts, ve-teran art house director, Sulev Keedus, gives a melancholic depiction of the existence of three Estonian women in different epocs using one and the same actress. A moving and low-key story about finding yourself in a powerless existence.

Foto: F-SEITSE | Text: Helena Pataki

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Year: 2017
Language: estonian
Subtitle: english
25/8 20.30
Biostaden salong 3
Director: Sulev Keedus
Script: Sulev Keedus
Producer: Kaie-Ene Rääk
Actors: Rea Lest, Evald Aavik, Andrus Albrecht