Kasper Rune Larsen   |   90 min   |   Denmark

Original title: Danmark

Swedish premiere


Norway lives a slacker life in a Danish small town. The days are filled with beers, marijuana and endless talk about distant future dreams. When suddenly 16-year-old Josephine shows up and tells that she is pregnant with Norge’s child, reality strikes back and Norway is resurrected from his dreamy life. Feature debuting Kasper Rune Larsen follow with handheld camera, attentive and with respect Norge’s and Josephine’s faces and bodies, eyes and movements, creating an intimacy and long-lasting empathy. Denmark is a tender, realistic and staggeringly beautiful depiction of young love and its consequences, filled with silences that speak as much as words.

Photo: The Film Collaborative | Text: Josef Kullengård

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Year: 2018
Language: danish
Subtitle: english
25/8 15.30
Biostaden salong 2
Director: Kasper Rune Larsen
Script: Kasper Rune Larsen
Producer: Martin Fugl Chabert, Stefan Frost, Henrik Underbjerg
Actor: Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Jonas Lindegaard Jacobsen, Jacob Skyggebjerg
Festivals & prices: Berlinale, Copenhagen PIX