Opening film

Oleg opens Carl International Film Festival 2019



23/8 18.30  Karlskrona Konserthus

Nordic premiere / Opening filn
Original title: Oleg
Latvia, Belgium / 2019
Director: Juris Kursietis

Thrilling realism in Juris Kursieti’s uncompromising depiction of a migrant worker’s life. Oleg has left Latvia to work at a slaughterhouse outside Ghent. After a workplace accident, Oleg is blamed and gets fired from his job. As a magical rescue, the charismatic Andzejs appears and offers job and a Polish passport. Oleg, who belongs to a Russian-speaking minority and lacks full citizenship, is desperate and can’t find a way out of the situation when it becomes clear to him that Andzejs is a kind of migrant worker mafioso. Soon, Oleg is not only stateless in a foreign country but also literally trapped. Kursietis delivers an intense portrait of modern slave work within the borders of Europe with elements of magic realism and humorous undertones.

Director: Juris Kursietis
Script: Liga Celma-Kursiete Juris Kursietis Kaspars Odins
Language: Latvian, Russian, Polish, English, Flemish
Subtitles: English

– Making Oleg was a reality check – where we as a society are today and if we are okey with it. When I first read the story about a butcher going to Belgium in search for a better life, it struck me how brutal and violent we’ve become and what means we are willing to take just to make a piece of meat cheaper in the supermarket. It is a big question, are we okey with the situation and how much longer can it actually go on? That we are exploiting the weaker ones and turning a blind eye on it. I’m really happy that Oleg will open Carl International Film Festival in Sweden and that it raises a discussion. Because this is about people who are among us. Just look around.

Juris Kursietis