Focus Germany

Germany in Focus at Carl International Film Festival 2019

In 2019 Carl International Film Festival glances over the Baltic Sea and presents a focus programme on German cinema. The programme will comprise international guests, seminars and a selection of the best and most interesting out of German film today. Five German feature films, four having their Swedish premieres, are be the first titles to be announced for the upcoming third festival edition, August 23 – 28 in Karlskrona.

The Golden Glove

Swedish premiere
Original title: Der Goldene Handschuch
Germany, France / 2019
Director: Fatih Akin

German acclaimed director Fatih Akin is back with his most controversial film to date. In the 70’s Hamburg, we meet the disfigured boozer Fritz Honka, who runs after lonely women at the shabby bar “The Golden Glove”. What none of the regulars realize is that the pitiful Honka is really a ruthless monster who brutally kills all the women he manages to bring home. THE GOLDEN GLOVE is based on the real story about Fritz Honka and became one of the year’s most talked about (and criticized) contributions at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. Akin (IN THE FADE, THE EDGE OF HEAVEN) has created an uncompromising horror portrait of a socially abysmal, obnoxious misogyny and sentimental serial killer in post-war Germany, who certainly does not leave anyone unaffected. (Josef Kullengård)

Genre: Crim, Drama, Horror
Director: Fatih Akin
Script: Fatih Akin, baserad på en roman av Heinz Strunk
Producers: Nurhan Sekerci-Porst, Fatih Akin, Herman Weigel
Cast: Jonas Dassler, Margarethe Tiesel, Katja Studt, Hark Bohm
Languages: German, Greek
Subtitles: English
Festivals: Berlinale

Aren't you happy?

Original title: Aren’t you happy?
Germany, France, Denmark / 2019
Director: Susanne Heinrich

With kitschy stage design in pastell tones and an elusive jazz band score, feature debuting Susanne Heinrich invites to a feminist clash with capitalism, mothership, art, and the contemporary Western world in general. We meet a nameless woman rushing through the city looking for a place to sleep. She is a writer with a writing cramp who in her search for inspiration and meaning aimlessly meets different men, ends up on an aerobics with babys, takes a ride on a unicorn through an industrial area and is recommended to get pregnant to cure her narcissism. Absurd, playful and with a big portion of self-irony – a post-modern comedy where nothing is too crazy. (Josef Kullengård)

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Director: Susanne Heinrich
Script: Susanne Heinrich
Producers: Jana Kreissl, Philippe Bober
Cast: Marie Rathscheck, Nicolo Pasetti, Monika Wiedemer, Yann Grouhel, Nicolai Borger, Pero Radicic
Festivals: IFF Rotterdam, Göteborg Film Festival, Edinburgh IFF

Language: German
Subtitles: English

Sealed lips

Swedish premiere
Original title: Und der Zukunft zugewandt
Germany  / 2018
Director: Bernd Bölich

Antonia, a young enthusiastic German communist, is accused of espionage and sentenced to gulag during a visit to the Soviet Union in the 1930s. Two decades later, she manages to return to the new socialist East German State where she is forced to silence by the regime. When Stalin dies a few years later, the social climate changes and Antonia is torn between her trauma from the labor camp and adapting to her new reality. The facade becomes increasingly harder to sustain and soon her newfound freedom risks being taken away from her. SEALED LIPS is a gripping historical portrait of war’s complexity and the oppression of the individual in relation to “the common good”. (Josef Kullengård)

Genre: Historical drama
Director: Bernd Bölich
Script: Bernd Bölich
Producers: Eva-Marie Martens, Alexander Martens
Cast: Alexandra Maria Lara, Carlota von Falkenhayn, Robert Stadlober, Karoline Eichhorn, Barbara Schnitzle

Language: German
Subtitles: English
Festivales: Goa IFF, IndiaCleveland IFF, Bari IFF, German FF

The Bra

Swedish premiere
Original title: The Bra
Germany, Azerbaijan/ 2018
Director: Vet Helmer

Colorful poetic comedy about the train driver Nurlan on his last trip before retirement. When the train enters Baku’s narrow streets, a washing line breaks and a bra falls down on the track. Deciding to return the bra to its owner and to escape its own lingering loneliness, Nurlan sets out on a tumultuous adventure in the city’s colorful outskirts. Award-winning director Veit Helmer presents a charming and visually captivating story, just as absurd as nostalgic. (Josef Kullengård)


Genre: Drama, Poetic comedy
Director: Vet Helmer
Script: Vet Helmer, Leonie Geisinger
Producers: Veit Helmer, Shirin Hartmann, Tsiako Abesadze
Cast: Miki Manojlović, Paz Vega, Chulpan Khamatova, Denis Lavant, Maia Morgenstern
Festivals: Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan, Hof IFF, Tallinn Black Nights FF

Language/Subtitles: No dialogue



Swedish premiere
Originaltitel: Jibril
Germany / 2019
Director: Henrika Kull

Captivating acting and bittersweet realism in an as impossible as irresistible love story by feature debuting Henrika Kull. Maryam lives an independent life as a divorced mom of three daughters. During a wedding party, she exchanges glances with Jibril who is on leave from prison. The following spring, they accidentally meet again when Maryam visits the prison and an intense love begins. Both are passionately fulfilled by each other and they handlessly throw themselves into what seems to be an impossible relationship. With great tenderness and rigor, Henrika Kull depicts the evanescence of love through two lonely persons thirst after affinity. (Josef Kullengård)

Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Henrika Kull
Script: Henrika Kull
Producers: Henrika Kull, Sophie Lakow, Carolina Steinbrecher
Cast: Susana Abdulmajid, Malik Adan, Doua Rahal, Emna El-Aouni
Language: German, Arabic
Subtitles: English