Festival 2018

The 3rd edition of Carl International Film Festival will be held August 23 – 28 in Karlskrona, Sweden. 

The 2nd edition of Carl International Film Festival was held August 24 – 29 in Karlskrona, Sweden.

As the first film festival bringing together films from the Baltic Sea countries, Carl international Film Festival is setting out to showcase the untold stories and the new talents of the region. The festival aims to promote openness and freedom with a special focus on the Baltic sea region and filmmakers who work for this through their films.

Carl International Film Festival will both present a film program with focus on new feature films from the Baltic Sea region (Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway) as well as a forum program for the film industry participants centered around co-production and co-financing of films in the region.

In addition to the film selection, a wide program including events, seminars, open air screenings and festivities will be presented.

Carl Film Forum is the festival’s industry platform and held parallell to the festival, August 28. The forum will focus on establishing new opportunities for international co-production within the Baltic Sea region, roads to financing film and audiovisual media, focus on development of regional funds and film and audiovisual media productions.

Read more about the festival’s competition for new films from the Baltic Sea countries – Baltic Sea Competition 2018

Poland in focus

The Polish cinema is flourishing. At the same time, the country undergoes significant social and political changes. In 2018 year Carl international Film Festival is focusing on Poland, highlighting four gold grains from recent years reflecting the multifaceted Polish cinema of today. Among these Anna Jadowska’s awarded Wild Roses, an intimate portrait of feminity, maternity and patriarchal dominance in rural Poland.

Focus Poland is presented in collaboration with the Polish Institute.