Woman at war

Enormously acclaimed climate comedy about a choir leader who declares eco-war (with bow) against environmentally-hazardous companies in Iceland. 49-year-old Halla is a seemingly harmless, single and gentle woman who one day gets enough of her passive climate anxiety and decides to take radical measures to save the country from environmental exploitation. With the bow over […]

Moa Martinson – Landsmodern

The documentary filmmaker Maj Wechselmann always delivers social – ly and politically engaged films, created with a strong personal voice. Together with Ebba Witt Brattström she portrays, in this fascinating docu-drama, one of Sweden’s most loved and important writers. Although Moa Martinson was proclaimed ”Mother of the Nation” by Tage Erlander in 1954, her life […]

The Girls

Mai Zetterling’s feminist classics ‘The Girls’ shook her contemporaries at the premiere in 1968. With Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson andGunnel Lindblom in the lead roles, we follow a theater company that repeats Aristophanes play Lysistrate where the women in Athens are rebelling to force the men to stop the war. It doesn’t take long before […]


Swirling cinematic fireworks and passionate romance in the reality based story of two rival theme parks and one forbidden love story. The year is 1940 in Stockholm and the beautifully polished Gröna Lund stands in a sharpened feud with the rougher Nöjesfältet. The struggle between the owner families has been going on for decades, but […]