The Golden Glove

German acclaimed director Fatih Akin is back with his most controversial film to date. In the 1970’s Hamburg, we meet the disfigured boozer Fritz Honka, who runs after lonely women at the shabby bar “The Golden Glove”. What none of the regulars realise is that the pitiful Honka is really a ruthless monster who brutally […]

The Bra

Colourful poetic comedy about the train driver Nurlan on his last trip before retirement. When the train enters Baku’s narrow streets, a washing line breaks and a bra falls down on the track. Deciding to return the bra to its owner and to escape its own lingering loneliness, Nurlan sets out on a tumultuous adventure […]

Aren’t you happy?

With kitschy stage design in pastel tones and an elusive jazz score, feature debuting Susanne Heinrich invites to a feminist clash with capitalism, mothership, art, and the contemporary Western world in general. We meet a nameless woman rushing through the city look – ing for a place to sleep. She is a writer with writing […]

Sealed Lips

Antonia, a young enthusiastic German communist, is accused of espionage and sentenced to gulag during a visit to the Soviet Union in the 1930s. Two decades later, she manages to return to the new socialist East German State where she is forced to silence by the regime. When Stalin dies a few years later, the […]