War thriller meets horror fantasy meets coming-of-age drama in Adrian Panek’s original World War II depiction. In the summer of 1945, an abandoned house on the Polish countryside is transformed into an orphanage for eight children liberated from a nearby concentration camp. Slowly, the children gets back pieces of their childhood, but the horror soon […]


In a black (and white) satire over the Finnish cultural elite, award-winning Aleksi Salmenperä delivers a playfully comical relationship drama about a successful actress and a fragile writer. Eero is deeply buried in the process of his fifth novel; the problem is only that he suffers from severe writing cramps and has not been producing […]

The Little Comrade

Lovingly affecting and visually engaging in Moonika Siimet’s debut about a girl in young Soviet Estonia. In the midst of the Stalinist tyranny, six-year-old Leelo’s mother is sent to a Soviet labor camp. “If you’re a good kid, I’ll be back soon,” are her mother’s last words. With these words fresh in memory and with […]


Twenty students are on their way to a hotel internship. They wake up in a chilled bus, without a driver and with one in the group missing. Once at the hotel, all women are assigned the name “Ania” and the men “Pawel” and everyone is given strict tasks and responsibilities. Hotel guests should be addressed […]

Lake over Fire

Norwegian cowboys on mopeds, colored caravans and a large portion of absurd humor in Joern Utkilen’s allegorical feature film debut. In a small mining town out in the wilderness, the development has completely stopped since everyone has become too rich to work. One day a mysterious man enters the city and decides to play the […]

Acid Forest

On the border between Lithuania and Russia lies a nightmarish hollow forest which attracts thousands of tourists every year. The deciduous trees are slowly rotting away after the area has been ingested by protected black cormorants whose faces completely disrupted the ecosystem. From an aerial view, we target a wooden deck where the tourists gather […]

#Female Pleasure

In a world where repression is increasingly paid attention to with only a hash tag, Barbara Miller delivers a poignant portrait documentary about five women who risk their lives for the fight against the patriarchal communities they grew up in. With great courage Deborah, Leyla, Rokudenashiko, Doris and Vithika in different parts of the world […]