#Female Pleasure

Barbara Miller
97 min
Switzerland, Germany
English, German, Japanese

#Female Pleasure

Originaltitel: #Female Pleasure

In a world where repression is increasingly paid attention to with only a hash tag, Barbara Miller delivers a poignant portrait documentary about five women who risk their lives for the fight against the patriarchal communities they grew up in. With great courage Deborah, Leyla, Rokudenashiko, Doris and Vithika in different parts of the world struggle for sexual liberation and independence for women in a way that makes modern celebrity feminists fade. In a social climate where many forms of resistance are quickly repackaged into something you can make money from, ‘#FEMALE PLEASURE’ is a film reminding us that activism, resistance and victory come at a high cost.

Festivals & prizes: Locarno Film Festival Genre: Documentary, Feminism

Photo: Cat & Docs | Text: Helena Pataki

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