And then we danced

Levan Akin
105 min
Sweden, Georgia

And then we danced

Originaltitel: Originaltitel:

Vibrant and grippingly intimate about forbidden love between two rival young men. Merab has danced for the Georgian national company along with his partner Mary since young years. He is ambitious and set to pursue a career in the highly traditionally Georgian dance world. When the charismatic Irakli joins the group, everything changes and Merab is thrown into an emotional storm of both strong desire and jealousy for his new companion. Everything he fought for risks falling apart. This year’s Swedish contribution in Cannes signed Levan Akin is a delicate romantic drama about suffocating masculinity, sore dancing feet and the boundlessness of love.

Festivals & prizes: Cannes Cast: Levan Gelbakhiani, Bachi Valishvili Producer: Mathilde Dedye Screenplay: Levan Akin Genre: Drama, Romance

Photo: Triart | Text: Josef Kullengård

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