Saman Said   |   67 min   |   Sweden

Original title: Sunnateatern

World premiere

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In the suburb of Kungsmarken lies Sunnadalskolan. For 17 years, the school has engaged primary school students to produce annual theater performances in what has become known as “Sunnateatern” and one of Sweden’s most acclaimed integration projects. The 18-year-old Saman Said, himself a former student and theatre participant, picks up the camera…(Read More)

Wild Roses

Young mother Ewa returns to her family after a hospital stay. The family lives in the rural Poland where Ewa works on a plantation for wild roses. Her husband Andrzej comes back after several months of work abroad and strong frictions in the relationship appears at the same time as bad rumors revolve around the…(Read More)

Loving Vincent

65,000 oil-painted frames by 150 artists form this passionate detective story about Vincent Van Gogh’s tragic life, in what has been called one of the decade’s best animated films. After has Vincent died in the suites of a suicide attempt in the small French city of Auvres, the friend Armand travels…(Read More)

Year: 2018
Language: swedish
Subtitle: swedish
29/8 15.30
Biostaden salong 3
Director: Saman Said
Saman Said
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