Gudrun - The Feminist

Hampus Linder   |   90 min   |   Sweden

Original title: Gudrun - Konsten att vara människa

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Gudrun Schyman is one of the most influential Swedish political per-sonalities in modern times, a hero for some and a pariah for others. In the film we follow Gudrun during 2014–2018 through home parties, parliamentary elections, gardening with her daughter, visits to refugee camps at Lesvos and political work in Brussels. The day…(Read More)


The eccentric retired teacher Janina Duszejko is living a withdrawn life in the Polish countryside. After one of her beloved dogs disappeares a series of bizarre murders are commited around in the forest, all sur-rounded by mysterious circumstances where the trails lead to animals rather than people as perpetrators. Duszejko is convinced that it…(Read More)

When the factory in Molkom closes down, Robin decides to change to a career as a photographer. He meets Jonny Björk, an actor on the verge of decline, who invites him to photograph a wedding in Stockholm. Robin soon falls in love with the bride’s sister and suddenly he find himself in the…(Read More)

Year: 2018
Language: swedish
27/8 15.30
Biostaden salong 3
Director: Hampus Linder
Producer: Helene Granqvist