Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality är en internationell screen tourism konferens som välkomnar flera av världens mest betydande yrkesverksamma inom området fiktionsturism och med deltagare från olika affärssegment, t.ex. turistsektorn, intressenter och politiker (lokalt och regionalt), lokala företag, destinationsutvecklare, apputvecklare och filmkommissionärer.

Konferensen 2017 kommer att hölls parallellt med den första upplagan av Carl International Film Festival (CIFF).


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Programme Mixed Reality

The programme for this year’s edition for Mixed Reality is now released! The conference takes place September 8th-9th in Karlskrona.

Among the highlights in the programme are the participations of Rosemary Lightbody (Tourism Northern Ireland) who is currently working with the seventh season of Game of ThronesDaniela Kirchner (Film London) one of the leading forces in the EuroScreen project, and newly established full service production company The Line who have managed to attract both Bollywood and the Emirates to the island of Gotland.

The programme will explore various aspects of film tourism, from film sets to museums and tourism organisations, not forgetting the tourists themselves.

Television host and film critic Andrea Reuter will moderate the conference.

The conference will be held during the newly established film festival Carl International Film Festival (CIFF).

When: Noon Friday September 8th-Noon Saturday September 9th
Where: Scandic Karlskrona, Skeppsgossegatan 2

Read more about the programme for Mixed Reality and register your participation here.


Programme Mixed Reality

Work in Progress: Bron – from Nordic Noir to tourist magnet

The Swedish-Danish tv –hit Bron has become a international success and is about to air its fourth and final season. The City of Malmö is launching a large scale project to turn the crime drama into a tourism magnet. Participating: Dick Fredholm, Head of Communications at the City of Malmö.


Case Study: The Millenium trilogy

The Millenium-films have generated over one billion Swedish kronor in income for the city of Stockholm. Mia Uddgren, film commissioner at Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen and location manager on the shoot of the American film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, will talk about how to work with large scale international productions and how to incorporate this successful example into a future strategy.


Case Study: Wallander and Ystad

The hugely popular detective series Wallander has put the city of Ystad on the global map. The Swedish company Yellow Bird has produced both the original series as well as the British version featuring Kenneth Branagh. Participating: Producer Daniel Gylling, Yellow Bird.


Case Study: Filmbyn in Småland

Filmbyn in Småland is dedicated to the legacy of the films of Astrid Lindgren. Here you can experience scenes from classical children’s films such as Emil in Lönneberga and Pippi Longstocking. Project Manager Robert Glader will discuss turning cultural heritage into a successful business.


Developping strategies for the future destination tourism

What are the next steps in Swedish destination tourism? And what strategies can municipalities employ to develop as well as promote their fiction based tourism programmes. Participants among others: Marie Holmström, Head of Tourism, Ystad Municipality, Maria Månsson, lecturer and researcher, Lund University. Moderator: Petra Rundqvist, film strategist, Ystad Municipality.


Film tourism from the eye of the tourist

Maria Månsson is a lecturer and researcher from the department of strategic communication at Lund University, Sweden. She has been researching film tourism for over 10 years. She will guide the audience starting with a broad research approach, and ending up in a more specific perspective of the individual tourist.


Future film tourism with AR

How can Augmented Reality be incorporated in the future film tourism experiences? What are the benefits? And will the technology be available for everyone? Participating: Fredrik Andrén, 10X Labs.


Bohus fästning – making a cultural heritage more accessible through a hackathon

In an attempt to find new ways of giving life to a historical past through VR, filmmakers, archeologists, programmers and many more joined forces in a 48 hour hackathon devoted to Bohus Fortress. Participating: Ingrid Thornell, film commissioner, Kultur i Väst


Sharing good practices: EuroScreen

EuroScreen is a project designed to capitalise on the major economic and cultural opportunities presented through screen tourism. The initial project ran between 2012 and 2014, joining forces of nine different organizations in the EU in order to share good practices. Participating: Daniela Kirchner, Chief Operating Officer, Film London.


From Bollywood to Gotland

International movie productions range far wider than only Hollywood. Newly established full service production company The Line has managed to attract large scale movie productions from both Bollywood and the Emirates to the small island of Gotland. What is the key to their success? And what are the effects on tourism? Participants: Olivia Munck, Executive producer and Founder, Caroline Ortmark, CEO.


Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland

The hugely popular series Game of Thrones, which is currently airing its seventh season, has attracted a large crowd of fans to Northern Ireland to see the many film locations. Rosemary Lightbody, Experience Development Manager, Tourism Northern Ireland will share ideas about how to work with a global brand.