Carla Think Tank

Carla Think Tank

Carla Think Tank is organized by Carl International Film Festival together with WIFT (Women In Film & Television) in order to embrace and strengthen sustainable innovation, entrepreneurship and gender equality in the film industry. The goals within Carla Film Tank is to identify and see the possibilities in a changing landscape, find and bridge gaps to create change within the industry and bring out research that gives us a clear picture of both the problems and solutions.

Helene Granqvist
President I WIFT Sweden & WIFT International 

Henrik JP Åkesson
Festival Director I Carl International Film Festival

Participants Carla Think Tank 2019

Nicole Ackermann
President I WIFT Germany  

Kissy Dugan
President I WIFT Italy 

Dr Susan Liddy
President I WIFT Ireland  

Ingebjörg Torgersen
President I WIFT Norway 

Jenni Koski
Vice president I WIFT Finland 

Tsiako Abesadze
Founder I WIFT Caucasus  


Eva Brazdzionyte
President I WIFT Lithuania  

Dögg Mosesdotter
President I WIFT Iceland

Alexia Muiños
Deputy Director I EWA Network

Susan Brinton
Board member & treasurer I WIFT Vancouver & WIFT International

Helene Granqvist
President I WIFT Sweden & WIFT International  

Regina Mosch
Project manager I WIFTI Talks