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Carl Film Forum is the festival’s industry platform. The forum will focus on establishing new opportunities for international co-production within the Baltic Sea region, roads to financing film and audiovisual media, focus on development of regional funds and film and audiovisual media production as a way to further regional development. Through seminars, networking, presentations and festivities a range of topics on the development of Swedish, Baltic Sea and international film industry will be presented. Carl Film Forum 2018 will be held August 28 at Dockside (Skeppsbrokajen 4) in Karlskrona.

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Hollywood and Asia to the Baltic Sea region

With a Swedish film production rebate slowly taking shape, following similar schemes in Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Poland, the question regarding attracting foreign film productions is getting more relevant. We have invited two eminent producers from outside of Europe to get their perspectives on how to attract foreign productions to Sweden as well as to the Baltic Sea Region.

Mike Macari is the Hollywood producer who found the Japanese original film Ringu and produced the american The Ring-trilogy. He also produced remakes out of two Swedish features. Yeonu Choi is a producer and Senior Vice President of Int’l Production from South Koreas leading entertainment studio CJ E&M. CJ E&M is now looking to expand outside South Korea as a fully-fledged global producer with already several international films in their pipeline. Macari and Choi will provide an Asian and North American perspective regarding production possibilities connected to production rebates in of the Baltic Sea Region. Senior vice president of public affairs at SF Studios, Stefan Klockby will be moderating.

Meet Venture Capital Investors

The financing landscape of the film industry is slowly changing, and less traditional ways of funding such as venture capital, becomes more and more common.

During Carl Film Forum a number of key profile investors will give an insight of what they are looking for and how to attract them to your project. The investors will give an insight on how they see the future. How can we create new innovative systems for investments and could sustainable investments and social impact be a possible way for the future? This seminar is presented in collaboration with Southern Sweden Film Network.

Founding Partner and CEO of Nouvago CapitalFrank Bonn will share his perspective on venture capital. Timo Argillander, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of IPR.VC will talk more about the company and their plans to double its current fund to finance its pan-European movieJohanna Karppinen, CEO in Nyland Film Fund is establishing a new fund – Nyland Film Fund and will tell more about it. Moderator will be Helene Granqvist from Southern Sweden Film Network

In-depth Case Study: Iron Sky Financing

Tero Kaukomaa, the producer of the Finnish cult film Iron Sky (2012) is about to release the anticipated sequel – Iron Sky: The Coming Race. The first film’s teasers reached more than 20 million views in YouTube alone, thus becoming one of the most successful viral videos. The long-anticipated sequel – Iron Sky: The Coming Race – is about to be released and the spin-off – Iron Sky: The Ark is also in production.

During Carl Film Forum Tero Kaukomaa (Blind Spot Pictures) will provide an in-depth case study of the Iron Sky production and the financing structure of the project. The production built a steady fan-base that was involved in different ways throughout the process of making the film. With a mix of different funds, co-production partners, financial backers, shareholders and crowd sourcing, Iron Sky example showcases alternative ways to produce and finance films.

How to licence music?

Carl International Film Festival will continue the collaboration with Universal Production Music for this years festival. Mikael Jonasson is Head of Sales and Marketing at Universal Production Music and will attend Carl Film Forum to talk about Universal and how to lincence music for film.

What rights are needed and what options exist, in addition to hiring a composer to write original music or clear original music? What options do you have besides hire a composer to write music or clear original music? How do you make a budget for music and spend the money the right way? Jonasson will navigate the seminar through the world of music licensing for film, TV productions and drama series.

A Swedish Production Rebate

The report “More film productions to Sweden” by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth was delivered to the Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg and the Minister for Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke in December of 2017.

Opinions from the Swedish regions and concerned organizations has been collected and the film industry is patiently waiting for a decision from the Swedish government. We have invited Cecilia Magnusson from the Swedish Parliament, Anna Serner, CEO of the Swedish Film Institute and Tomas Eskilsson, Head of Strategy at Film i Väst to discuss the report, what it is about and why the film industry needs it. Join us in a discussion about the latest news on the Swedish production rebate. The panel is moderated by Mikael Svensson from Film i Skåne.

The Birth of a New Film Region

In June 2017 a report was released by the regional film resource center Reaktor Sydost about the possibility of creating a regional film fund in the Blekinge and Kalmar Counties. On Carl Film Forum 2017 the report was discussed on the panel The Birth of a New Film Region.

This year we continue that discussion. Filmplan (organizer of CIFF) has now invited a new television series, Eagles, to shoot in the region. In connection to this, the municipality of Karlskrona has decided to let Filmplan perform a supplementary pilot study. Get an update on what has happened since last year in the region and get a status report from Film i Skåne on how they see the future of film production in the south of Sweden. The panel is moderated by Marcus Fredriksson from the department of Trade and Industry at Karlskrona Municipality.

Max Dager Director of Culture and Experiences I Municipality of Karlskrona
Joakim Strand Head of Production I Film i Skåne
Henrik JP Åkesson CEO I Filmplan
Stefan H. Lindén Producer I Newstories
Marcus Fredriksson Department of Trade and Industry l Karlskrona Municipality

An international view of the gender equality with
WIFTI / SWAN / Swedish Film Institute

The concept of #metoo spread quickly around the world. Diversity and equality is more relevant than ever in today’s global socio-political climate and it’s crucial when building a sustainable future film industry.

Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI) is an organization and a network that work for the advancement of women in the industry and is committed to break down barriers and stereotypes. The newly founded Swiss Women’s Audiovisual Network association supports the position of women in Swiss and international film and audiovisual media. The Swedish Film Institute has successfully been working for gender equality for many years.

Listen to film professionals that in different ways are working for equality in the film industry. What are their strategies? How does the current situation look in various countries? What kind of challenges and opportunities is the industry facing and what are the next steps? The panel is moderated by Carl International Film Festival’s event and seminar manager Camilla Larsson.

Anna Serner CEO I Swedish Film Institute
Nicole Ackerman Chair I WIFT Germany
Kissy Dugan President I WIFT Italy
Dr. Susan Liddy Co-chair I WIFT Ireland
Laura Kaehr Co-Founder and Co-President I SWAN
Camilla Larsson Event and seminar manager I CIFF


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