The Baltic Sea is no border separating us, it is an oceans that ties us together.


Carl International Film Festival’s (CIFF) industry platform, Carl Film Forum, is welcoming a number of organizations, funds and production companies from the Swedish, Baltic Sea and international film industry. 

Carl Film Forum is a  melting pot for various parts of the industry from all over the Baltic Sea region. Being a part of Carl International Film Festival with the aim to promote openness, freedom and peace, Carl Film Forum is a platform for creating new collaborations and co-productions between the Baltic Sea countries. The population of the region is over 250 million people and the opportunities to ”tap” the market is both intriguing from the financial standpoint as well as an opportunity to bridge possible cultural gaps between the nations.

This years event is held August 26–27, 2019.  

We are proud to present a selection of 2019 speakers:

Masters, Investors and Gatekeepers