The Manslayer / The Virgin / The Shadow

Sulev Keedus   |   141 min   |   Estonia

Original title: Mehetapja / Süütu / Vari

Nordic premiere

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Three women separated by time and space, but joined by a parallel fate. Maara is forced into a marriage against her will in the 19th century Estonia. 150 years later, Elina has to choose between a forced marria-ge or deportation. Set in our contemporary time we meet Luna Lee, who has just escaped from…(Read More)

Going West

Kasper loses his job as a substitute teacher the same day as his father Georg Margrethe undergoes a mental breakdown after his wife’s death. Georg Margrethe is a transvestite and Kasper has trouble accepting his father’s life choices but they decide to come together after a time apart. To escape their miserable lives…(Read More)

Gudrun Schyman is one of the most influential Swedish political per-sonalities in modern times, a hero for some and a pariah for others. In the film we follow Gudrun during 2014–2018 through home parties, parliamentary elections, gardening with her daughter, visits to refugee camps at Lesvos and political work in Brussels. The day…(Read More)

Year: 2017
Language: estonian
Subtitle: english
25/8 20.30
Biostaden salong 3
Director: Sulev Keedus
Script: Sulev Keedus
Producer: Kaie-Ene Rääk
Actors: Rea Lest, Evald Aavik, Andrus Albrecht